BeDimensional produces graphene and other two-dimensional crystals on an industrial scale, maintaining a high standard of quality for the product which is the current global state of the art, thanks to a patented process of exfoliation of the initial crystals, which sets us apart from all other competing companies.
Graphene is unquestionably the most famous two-dimensional crystal in the world and is known as the “wonder material” due to its intrinsic characteristics.
It is produced starting from graphite and consists of a monatomic layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is the thinnest material that exists in nature, with a thickness of just one single atom.

Development of solutions

Our recipes are unique: we know the ingredients and how to blend them, we know the function of every component and the impact that it has on the materials that we offer to companies.
It is never just a matter of production: we usually change the product and its strength on the market, we have a significant effect on the company’s ability to generate value, and as such, we become their partners and trusted advisors.
In order to change the function of the objects we know and make them capable of meeting old or new requirements, we need to start from the science and then connect with the client’s market. Indeed, we always strive to understand how we can truly help the client to develop an innovative, original and unique product.

Thermoplastic compounds
Production of graphene and 2D crystals
Filaments for 3D printers
RFID antennae
RFID antennae
Functional inks

BeDimensional S.p.A.

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