BeDimensional concludes €5 million capital increase with the entry of EUREKA! Venture SGR

Genoa, September 20, 2023 – BeDimensional, a leading deeptech company in the production of graphene and other twodimensional crystals with few atomic layers, announces the conclusion of a new €5 million capital increase.

The transaction is led by EUREKA! Venture SGR through the Fund “Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer,” which complements with this investment a recent capital increase subscribed in January 2023 by leading Italian investors: CDP Venture Capital SGR (through the Evoluzione fund, led by Mario Scuderi), NovaCapital (a holding company focused on innovative initiatives, headed by Paolo Merloni and led by Carlo Germano Ravina) and Eni Next (Eni’s Corporate Venture Capital company based in Boston, led by Clara Andreoletti).

The company, based in Genoa, was founded as a spin-off of the Graphene Labs of the Italian Institute of Technology, in order to exploit the scientific expertise gained by the group of founders, Vittorio Pellegrini, Francesco Bonaccorso and Andrea Gamucci, scientists with more than 15 years of experience in the world of two-dimensional (2D) materials with few atomic layers (<10). These materials, including, in particular, graphene are currently applied by BeDimensional in three areas: i) coatings and multifunctional composites; ii) energy; iii) lubricants also through partnerships with companies such as VARTA in the battery sector and ENEL GP in the photovoltaic sector. The manufacturing process is patented and the distinguishing feature is its ability to produce a wide range of 2D materials; the company in total has a comprehensive and articulated portfolio of 12 patent families.

This new investment will enable BeDimensional to accelerate the industrial scale-up, which was started earlier with the entry of Pellan Italia (led by Carlotta Costamagna) into the company, and especially to commercially validate the use of 2D crystals as additives in innovative industrial products, such as longer-lasting batteries and lubricants with unique characteristics, new polymers with high impact resistance, or heating membranes for textile applications.

“With the entry of Eureka! we can accelerate our path of industrialization of two-dimensional crystal production technology.” says Vittorio Pellegrini, CEO, who adds, “In 2024, the world’s first industrial line capable of producing graphene and twodimensional boron nitride on the scale of tons per year will be ready in our Genovese facility. The quality and prices of our 2D materials that place us in a unique position in the emerging global market for 2D crystals whose value will grow significantly within the next five to seven years and will revolutionize many application areas where BeDimensional is already able to offer innovative solutions.

” “The technology and expertise of BeDimensional’s scientists represent a unique approach to the production of graphene and other two-dimensional crystals that can revolutionize traditional manufacturing industry methods.” Eureka! Fund’s entry into BeDimensional is particularly in line with the general investment thesis of our Technology Transfer Fund, which is intended to enhance the most innovative Italian scientific research in advanced materials.” Thus, comments Stefano Peroncini, managing director of EUREKA! Venture SGR.

EUREKA! Venture SGR was assisted by the Emerging Company and Venture Capital department of LCA Studio Legale, with a team composed of partner Andrea Messuti, associate Giacomo Tommasi and junior associate Francesco Caselli.

The Company, on the other hand, was assisted by attorney Alberto Fachinetti of DFGS law firm in Bergamo.


Independent venture capital company licensed by the Bank of Italy and focused on deeptech investments, i.e. deep science investment and digital tech investment. The company manages more than €101M: the first Alternative Investment Fund, “Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer,” was launched in 2020 and invests in proof-of-concept, spin-offs, startups and companies aimed at exploiting the results of Italian scientific research activity in the field of Advanced Materials and more generally Materials Science and Engineering. The second Fund, “BlackSheep Fund” launched in 2021, invests in digital technologies such as AI and big data applied to the MadTech (Marketing & Advertising) sector.

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CDP Venture Capital SGR

CDP Venture Capital is an SGR (70% CDP Equity and 30% Invitalia) with more than €3 billion in resources under management. It aims to make Venture Capital a cornerstone of the country’s economic development and innovation, creating the conditions for an overall and sustainable growth of the Venture Capital ecosystem. It operates with a series of funds that aspire to support startups in all their life stages, making both direct and indirect investments.

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NovaCapital is the investment holding company that refers to Paolo Merloni. The company-whose motto is “people, businesses, innovations”-supports innovative entrepreneurs in all stages of business development. Like a Venture Capital or Private Equity but with the long-term vision of an industrial reality with 90 years of history and with the respect for people of those who have gone through similar managerial and entrepreneurial experiences. With a portfolio of more than 40 investees, NovaCapital has rapidly become a key player in Italian and European VC.

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Eni Next is Eni’s Corporate Venture Capital company, created to integrate corporate research with open innovation, enhancing dynamic and innovative startups through early-stage financing and subsequent capital raises. Specifically, Eni Next evaluates and invests in startups with high growth potential to foster the energy transition towards a zero-emissions future.

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Pellan Italia

Pellan Italia is the parent company of a group of Italian and foreign companies. It operates as a holding company for an articulated system of companies that revolve around three common figures: diversification, innovation and sustainability.”

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