Other 2D crystals

The manufacturing process allows us to use, in addition to graphene, various other two-dimensional crystals available in nature. These are just a few examples in the form of inks with different electronic, thermal conduction, electrical conduction and mechanical resistance properties.

2D MaterialMechanical ResistanceThermal ConductivityElectrical Conductivity
Disulfuro di Molibdeno (MoS2)Semiconductor
Seleniuro di Molibdeno (MoSe2)Semiconductor
Disulfuro di Tungsteno (WS2)Semiconductor
Seleniuro di Tungsteno (WSe2)Semiconductor
Seleniuro di Bismuto (Bi2Se3)
Typological insulator
Tellurio di Bismuto (Bi2Te3)
Typological insulator