BeDimensional produces graphene and other two-dimensional crystals on an industrial scale, maintaining a high standard of quality for the product which is the current global state of the art. What sets us apart from all other competing companies is our internationally patented process of exfoliation of the initial crystals, which allows us to produce high-quality graphene consisting of only 3-5 layers on average.

Graphene is unquestionably the most famous two-dimensional crystal in the world and is known as the “wonder material” due to its intrinsic characteristics.
It is produced starting from graphite and consists of a monatomic layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is the thinnest material that exists in nature, with a thickness of just one single atom.

Main characteristics of graphene:


Mechanical resistance: about 200 times greater than that of steel

  • Young’s modulus = 1 Tpa
  • Tensile strength = 80 Gpa


Electrical conductivity: 60% higher than copper and aluminium, it can support a million times the current density of copper

  • Bulk resistivity = 10-6 Ωcm-1

Thermal conductivity: 5 times greater than that of copper; greater than diamond.

  • Thermal conductivity = 5000 W/mK


It has a very high surface area and is a barrier which is nearly impervious to the vast majority of chemical elements.


A single monatomic layer absorbs 2.3% of visible radiation

In order to best express its extraordinary properties, graphene should consist of very few atomic layers. When there are fewer than 8 atomic layers, its properties of thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, mechanical resistance and barrier effect are better than any other material in nature and can be used to improve and/or innovate the performance of existing materials and products. This possibility is gradually lost as the number of atomic layers used to make up the flakes of graphene produced increases.

It is important to highlight that, in addition to the number of atomic layers which make up the graphene, its aspect ratio (i.e. the ratio between the dimensions of the sides and the thickness of the various flakes of graphene) is one of the main parameters to take into consideration when talking about the differences between graphene nano-platelets (GNP) and graphene, as this has a significant effect on its mechanical, thermal and electronic performance. This is one of the reasons why we differ from other producers of graphite-based materials: a better aspect ratio than the others allows us to use smaller percentages in terms of weight to obtain better performance.