Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

“This code of ethics has been developed to ensure that the fundamental values of BeDimensional S.p.A., which are ethic and transparency, are clearly defined and constitute the key element of the corporate culture, as well as being standards of behavior for all the Company’s Collaborators in the
conduct of business and their activities, also in order to prevent crimes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.
The progressive change in the scenarios in which companies move, forces them to adapt their organization in order to improve performance through the decentralization of responsibilities, the attribution of greater operating autonomy and the specialization of professional skills.
These changes require a strengthening of the governance system in its broadest sense: integrity, ethical values, personal competence, management philosophy and style of management, procedures for delegating responsibilities, organization and professional development, commitment, Board of Directors’ ability to address and guide.
In fact, the governance system becomes truly effective if a strong drive towards collaboration is achieved among all the interested parties in order to achieve the company objectives, but without ever losing sight of the ethical principles to which an entity, public or private, must always be inspired.”

Board of Directors, BeDimensional S.p.A.



Approved by the Board of Directors on 20 December 2018