The innovative start-up BeDimensional was created as a spin-off company of the IIT – Italian Institute of Technology thanks to the work of three world-famous researchers from the IIT Graphene Labs: Vittorio Pellegrini, Francesco Bonaccorso and Andrea Gamucci. After a two-year “incubation” period within the Institute itself, BeDimensional moved onto the market thanks to the acquisition of 51% of its shares by the Camponovo group at the start of 2018. The definitive push towards the path of industrialisation came at the end of 2018 through the entry of the Pellan group into the company.

BeDimensional has signed an agreement for spaces/equipment and an exclusive licensing contract for certain patents with IIT, including one regarding the industrial production of graphene and other two-dimensional crystals.

The company aims to identify tailor-made solutions for businesses and is dedicated to the production and development of new materials for the manufacturing and energy industries through the introduction of newly-designed 2D crystals. This is made possible thanks to a growing relationship of collaboration developed with the business world, rooted in both the national and international landscapes, which has led to the implementation of various solutions for marketing.

The project and future prospects

Our project is based on two main guiding principles:

  • Producing graphene and other two-dimensional crystals on an industrial scale, maintaining a high standard of quality for the product.
  • Seeking out the best solutions for the requirements of every single client through the use of the nanomaterials that we create. The production capacity for 2D materials is currently several hundred kg per year for research and prototyping uses, but in 2020 the quantities produced will reach several tonnes per year.

A new facility of over 4000 square metres has been found and purchased, and this will be the new production site and joint laboratory for BeDimensional and IIT (Italian Institute of Technology), whose aim will be targeted at the research and use of nanomaterials in particularly strategic contexts.